Frequently asked questions

Is it private?

It certainly is. When choosing your Walking Therapist ensure you are comfortable with their selected walking route to protect your privacy and confidentiality.

Is it ethical?

Walk and Talk Therapy is ethical and based on traditional concepts of your Therapist’s chosen therapy style, just done in the outdoors! This way of therapy has been used in many practices especially when a therapist is client focused and introducing movement and nature as part of tailoring the sessions to their clients’ needs.

Do I have to be fit?

Nope, no need to be fit, actually a lot of people access this style of therapy when starting their health and fitness journey. The session is all yours and that includes how fast and far you’ll be walking.

What if it’s raining?

Walking Therapists should always have a “wet weather plan” and depending on your therapist, they will be able to discuss theirs with you.

What if we run into someone I know?

Your specific Walking Therapists should run through this exact questions and ways of addressing it prior to your session in person.

Can my child come with me?

This completely depends on your Walking Therapist, child’s age and purpose of session. It is best to address this question directly with your chosen Walking Therapist.

Who is not suited to walk and talk therapy?

Walk and Talk Therapy is not suited to people who simply feel more comfortable in an indoor space, are “runners” depending on their presentation and those who find the outdoors overwhelming due to trauma related events.

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