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Selected Exhibitions
Eugenie Torgerson: New Work, Olson-Larsen Gallery, West Des Moines, IA   2016
Art of the Book, Seager Gray Gallery, Mill Valley, CA   2012
Annual Landscape Show, Olson-Larsen Gallery, West Des Moines, IA   2012
Outdoor Festival of the Bruce Museum, Greenwich, CT  1994-2012
The Smithsonian Craft Show, Washington, DC   2009
Printworks, Abecedarian Gallery, Denver, CO   2008
The Washington Craft Show, Washington, DC   2006-2007
Art Miami, Miami, FL   2003
Small Group/Large Vision, Chicago, IL   2003
Contemporary Landscape, Massillon Art Museum, Massillon, OH   2003
New Work, New Artists, 16 Patton Gallery, Asheville, NC   2003
Small Treasures, Leslie Levy Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ   2002
Metaphors & Territories, Leapingotis Gallery, Vail, CO   1998
Colorations, Mansfield Art Center, Mansfield, OH   1995
Faculty Exhibitions, Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, OH   1985-1989
Richness of Form, Subtlety of Color, Fiori Gallery, Cleveland, OH   1987
Six State Prints, Oberlin, OH   1987
Image Imprints, Gallery G, Pittsburgh, OH   1986
Men & Women in the Arts, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI   1985
National Print Exhibition, Hunterdon, NJ   1980
Colorprint USA, Lubbock, TX   1974
Ohio Graphics Biennial, Toledo, OH   1974
The Cleveland Museum of Art May Show, Cleveland, OH   1972

inclusion in 1,000 Artists Books   Quarry Publications, 2012
Eugenie Torgerson: Beyond the Meadow, Before Time  The Georgia Review, Winter 2011
Eugenie Torgerson: Fusing Language and Image  Sunshine Artist, February 2011
Eugenie Torgerson: Thinking Outside the Box  Bound and Lettered, Winter 2008
inclusion in Eight Watercolor & Pastel Painters  Southwest Art, June 2006
inclusion in The Best of Pastel  Rockport Publishing   1996

     “Eugenie Torgerson’s work seems to me so very American – with a sense of movement from one place to another, re-inventing one’s self, and fearlessly facing a new place – which is the story of all our families if gone back far enough. It is not an uncommon theme in American arts and letters but rarely done with such beauty.”


Priscilla Juvelis

Priscilla Juvelis Rare Books



      “The viewer is introduced to Torgerson’s golden hues and remarkable use of material layering. On the Verge of Everything has eight layers of fascinating and varied texture underneath a subtle expanse of sky and earth. Her rich pastels collide at a lowered horizon, highlighting majestic clouds without sacrificing a solid foundation.”


Chad Michael Cox,

 Art Beacon

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