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Using bookbinding materials, hardware, metal, wood, wax, and glass,

I construct forms that incorporate my original pastel drawings & photographs,

real & invented ephemera, and language.


​I digitally adjust the way these layers of images interact with one another,

Things that were created by hand in the studio

become images combined in new ways.

At this point, a digitally composited image exists only within my computer and on the monitor screen.

To make it tangible, I prepare paper, metal, and synthetic substrates.

I print with archival inks, and adjust the finishes with varnishes and encaustic.

I sew with thread, cord, and wire.


My intention is to combine visual representation and lyric memoir

My subjects are the allure of the horizon, the power of the land, the experience of loss,

and the nature of redemption.


The work is about migration, displacement, settlement, and difficult beauty.

                                                                                                                             Eugenie Torgerson


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